Missing toes

Another one bites the dust.

While taking off his socks one day, Lamoni discovered a funny bump inside his sock. He turned the sock upside down and shook out some toes!


“Oops! I guess I broke my toes!”

So now this particular foot is lacking in the toe department.


The baby (who is almost 2 years old) will point at it and in a concerned voice say, “Uh oh! Daddy foot – broke!” Which she will repeat like a broken record until someone acknowledges her observation. It’s quite funny.


Some people are pretty hard on their feet. My husband is one of them.


Lamoni’s idea for the detached toes? He said he wants to make them into a necklace like Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest.

Just a glimpse into one of the small details of this amputee’s life.